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300tube vlogbrothers   1 December, 2017

Let's Talk About Stress!

  In which Hank discusses loanword adaptation for two minutes in order to distract himself from the crushing reality of all of what he must do.

One thing that I did not say in this video...that's just for you dear dedicated  dooblydoo that "stressing out" as we sometimes call it (focusing on the worry rather than the work) is a kind of flight. It is the easiest, most monkey-brain thing to do. There is nowhere to run, and we don't want the unpleasantness of engaging with the fight, so we flee into fear and it eats us because we literally have no defense against it. 

If you'd like to learn more about stress and our physiological responses to it, here's a SciShow on how presistent stress harms our bodies:

And here's a Crash Course I did on emotion, stress, and health:

Also linked in this video is the video I did on hankschannel on the processes I've used to deal with things I can't deal with:

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