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300tube Thornapple River Rail Series   19 April, 2016

TRRS 467: Idiot Alert! CSX Train Stops to Avoid Collision!

  Holland, MI Feb 25, 2016 -- Good thing CSX Y121 only had a tank and caboose! 

While cruising back down the Dock Track industrial lead towards home base at Waverly Yard, Y121 has to deal with a number of relatively unprotected grade crossings. With only two trips down this segment a week, there simply hasn't been much reason to spend hundreds of thousands to install advanced crossing technology. 

At Pine Ave, a busy 1-way street crosses the spur at an intersection, which will setup this young driver for some epic fail. Watch as the red car pulls up at the train is approaching - the driver looking left for his opening to turn right, but no opening is available. 

Then the engineer opens up the valve on his airhorn - that gets his attention. He panics, then decides to reverse off the crossing -- oops! He back right into the car behind him, and he's still not clear. The engineer is able to begin stopping the train without dumping the emergency brake due to the short and light status of his consist. 

The driver is then able to find a hole and make his turn - as more drivers continue to cross. With many a blast from the horn, the engineer is able to halt traffic and cross the road, thankfully without real incident. 

No damage, no injuries, but probably a PO'd driver whole just got rammed and a very flustered driver on the balance. 

Perhaps it might be time, in light of the busy status of these roads, that the railroad and city look into installing automated crossing protections. While it is no excuse for occupying a track, but this is a blind corner on a road with multiple lanes, currently only signed with crossbucks. 

- CSX 2684 [GP38-2]
- CSX 904091 [Operation Redblock Caboose]
- 1 tank [from Heinz]
- CSX Holland Dock Track, Pine Ave xing, at 17:00 EST

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Recorded with a Sony PJ790 Camcorder
Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 13

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