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300tube Spirit Science   14 November, 2017

Spirit Science 36_1 ~ The Essence of Tarot

  Hello, and welcome to our introductory series on Tarot! This project has been in development for a very long time, as it’s been my dream to make a Tarot series ever since I learned about it in 2011! 

Tarot is a very interesting subject because it deals with naturally occurring archetypes and experiences which we all go through in our human lives. By understanding these ideas and images, we learn to intuitively tap into deeper parts of ourselves, and learn to connect with others in more meaningful ways as well.

The purpose of Tarot is not to replace the intuition and singularity of the heart, but to support the conscious mind in making more connections with the heart - as most of us are aware, the thinking mind can often get very overwhelmed with too many thoughts exploding all at once; Tarot offers another avenue by which we may pause and reflect on ourselves and our lives, to make choices based on more whole and complete reflection and contemplation first.

One of the best methods for using Tarot is in tandem with Meditation; once you draw a card, you can spend time in meditation reflecting upon the meaning therein to draw deeper understanding to your awareness.

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