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300tube Looper   17 June, 2017

Easter Eggs You Missed In Cars 3

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Pixar's movies are a veritable basket of Easter eggs, filled with running gags and references to other Pixar properties that only eagle-eyed fans might notice. Cars 3 is no exception, and contains a truckload of new hidden gems. Here's a look at some of the Easter eggs you might've missed in the Cars franchise's third lap around the track...

A113 | 0:22
The Pizza Planet truck | 0:52
The Pixar Ball | 1:46
Some familiar branding | 2:14
Cinderella's pumpkin | 3:05
Coco | 3:25
NASCAR racers take a new name | 3:47
Paul Newman resurrected | 4:44
Car Talk | 5:38

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