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300tube The CGBros   10 January, 2017

Survival Thriller Trailer: "Orphans Of Ash" - Directed by Peter Szewczyk

  Check out this awesome Proof-Of-Concept visceral thriller about young refugees of a civil war surviving in the wilderness as they search for a boy with unique natural abilities. 

Short Synopsis: 
 Four years after the outbreak of a civil war over natural resources, a lost band of orphans live like rats in the wilderness. A reckless hunt in uncharted territory results in their camp being destroyed, and one of their key members, Lucas, goes missing. Lucas is an unusual boy with a special power that holds the key to their survival. The group embarks on an odyssey to find Lucas, facing natural disasters and the horrors of civil war, while trying to hold on to the ties that bind them together. 

 Since the start of his film career at George Lucas' famed Skywalker Ranch, Peter Szewczyk has had a front row seat to the crafting of Hollywood blockbusters by the modern masters of cinema. While sitting through what Szewczyk calls "a decade of dailies" with the likes of James Cameron and George Lucas, he studied each director's approach to storytelling. Szewczyk contributed as an artist and technician to the legendary franchises of Harry Potter, Shrek, Star Wars and Ice Age, but it was not until his time on Avatar that he felt he was ready to leave the trenches of digital production, for the challenges of directing. A string of award-winning short films followed, including the festival favorites, ColourBleed and Our Lady Of Lourdes, showcasing his ability to blend emotional story-telling with arresting imagery.

Behind the Scenes:
 The Proof-Of-Concept was made from a feature script written by Peter Szewczyk. He doubled as both Director and Cinematographer. Production was handled by Kasia Lesniak and Michal Nowak. Together this was the same team that did the award-winning shorts ColourBleed and Our Lady of Lourdes. All post was handled by Szewczyk including edit, colour grade, and 42 VFX shots. The VFX shots include creature work, background replacements, destruction, digi-doubles and a few completely CG shots forest shots. 





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