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300tube HalfLife(Ger)   14 December, 2015

Tribute to Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Scifi/Fantasy cinematics/picture compilation + epic music)

  Music used: 
Saw theme song:
Vermintide OST - End times:
Crysis 3 soundtrack: Hunt them down Action:
Equilibrium OST 35 - UN
nderground (From 1:15 onwards):
Equilibrium ending theme:
Fate/Zero - 06 The Battle is to the strong:
Dawn of War II - For the Craftworld:
Dawn of War II - Hunting the Hive tyrant
Equilibrium - 15 Gu Katas:
E.S Posthumus - Pompeii:

Videoclips used: 
Starcraft Heart of the Swarm cinematic:
Humans vs Aliens epic dubstep:
Halo 3 ODST live action:
Hellsing Ultimate episode 2:
Total War Warhammer announcement trailer:
Alucard gets shot:
The Matrix Reloaded: Morpheus vs the twins:
Avatar Wretches and Kings:
Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer:
Star Trek First Contact - Borg Attack:
Cyborg Ninja vs Final Boss MGR:
Halo Reach The birth of a Spartan:
Top 10 Sci-Fi weapons:
Halo 5 Guardians intro:
CoD: Advanced Warfare the Movie:
Warframe Open Beta Trailer:
Equilibrium Gun Kata scenes:
The Matrix Bullet Time:
Fate/Zero Emiya Kiritsugu vs Kotomine Kirei:
Really pathetic Kung Fu:
Matrix Reloaded Chateau fight:
Priest official trailer with the vampires:
Fate/Stay night Kotomine Kirei vs Caster:
Top 5 Metal Gear Solid V scenes:
Fate/Zero Kirei vs Kayneth:
Man of Steel smallville battle:
F.E.A.R 3 trailer Point Man:
Underworld Selene vs Police:
Fate/ Stay night Archer vs Lancer:
Hellsing Ultimate episode 1:

I do not have any rights about the pictures, videos or music in this video, it was made purely for entertainment purposes. 
I originally made this video as a trailer for a Scifi/fantasy Pen-and-Paper RPG I am currently working on, where you can play basically anything you want. It's basically a giant mashup of all possible sci fi and fantasy tropes, from starships to undead, everything is in the game. Wanna play a holy warrior cleric xenomorph and go around to smite heretics? That's possible. 
Wanna play an elven swordmaster with reaction-boosting cyberware implants and an energy sword? Yes you can!
Wanna play a bullet-timing jumpkicking genemodified tigerman? Why not? Wanna play a powerful vampire with cultist spells and a chainsword, clad in fallout-style Power armor? Entirely reasonable! 
I don't know if I am ever going to upload it on the internet, but if enough people are interested I might do that!

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