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300tube Apsis Motion Pictures   6 August, 2015

Arete (Sci-fi Fantasy Short Film)

  Arete and his kin are well known in this sector for their proficiency in the slave trade; but when one slave refuses to be broken, Arete finds himself questioning where his loyalties lie.

Directed by Joel Loukus

Assistant Director:  Tyr Rollins

Directory of Photography:  Lee Gillenwater

Story by:
Joel Loukus
Tyr Rollins
Brad Irish
Benjamin Lawless
Lee Gillenwater

Stunts & choreography:
Brad Irish

Costumes by Denise Loukus

Props & Horns by Tyr Rollins

Makeup Effects by
Chris Harper

Vicki Parks
Chris Harper
Dan Mascarello
Henry Hickerson
Brad Irish
Craig Grabowski
Tyr Rollins
Ilyana Eberhardt
Ashley Byrd
Gary Peebles
Dan Slater
Stephon Reynolds

Previz by Andrew Weigand

Additional Voices:
Andrew Weigand
Amy Weigand
Charles Grigg
Jon Barnes
Joel Loukus

Production Manager
Sam Slater

Music Mixer
Chip Whiteford

Production Assistant
Dan Slater

Craig Grabowski

script execution time: 0.173752784729